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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Re: Top Hats

Hello Jaammers! I've noticed from several other blogs that Top Hats have finally returned from their beta days. Not to be immature, but...... TAKE THAT SCAMMERS WHO HAVE SCAMMED THEM! Now then. I'm not particularly excited about them returning, since I can't buy one anyway. And they are no longer rare; the Top Hat is now officially not a beta item any longer, but we can still remember it as it was. Now they are for all Jammers who have been Golem-ing for one, or for those who have been scammed of one. I'll make a post about my personal opinion on Rares themselves once I can. Enjoy the items!


  1. There was this guy named Solidblue02 who hacked tons of people with top hats, and now I laugh at him because all the tops he hacked are worthless now.

  2. They're here for Hatpalooza!

    papad91278 the 4th news crew member AKA The Directioner is Disguise

  3. im kinda sad i've kinda quit aj cause of everyone being mean and now that every single rare i have is back im more sad -.- and i used to comment on everyone of these

    -used to be know as supercool07
    now is..(superstarrainbowkitty)
    sigh miss old user

  4. I was scammed by sweetpea778. i lost my lava glove. Help me.

    your very sad friend,


  5. I love aj it's so fun!

  6. please look at my blog or comment i just started blogging and i have already 6 veiws please comment i have no comments though...

  7. ok if your a person that hoards rares, go on aj every Monday you'll be rarer then u were. I know I know, u people probably know that. just for the "new jammers" on animal jam anyway, buddy me on aj! lol90808 btw can u send me a headdress? Im NOT scamming I can prove it. ALL my rares that I have are either from rare item Monday or I traded for them. I've been scammed almost 10 times. I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER do it!!!!!


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