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Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Best Dressed" Problem and Tail Item

 The "Best Dressed" game has another problem.
When you hover your mouse over it, it might say "Online" for some reason.

But for most people, it won't load all the way and just shows the screen.

Also, I emailed Animal Jam about the tail item.
 This item is Elf Tail Armor. Here is their response:

"Dear Fauna Toughclaw,

Thank you for contacting Animal Jam Support Headquarters, and might we add, you sure have a wild taste in Jammer fashions! it looks to us the item you're inquiring about is the Elf Tail Armor. Unfortunately, this item was removed from the shops in Jamaa to make room for more super awesome items all Jammers can enjoy, but since you like it so much, we'll be sure to pass your message on right away. Now, with so many ideas flying in, we can't promise this will come true anytime soon, but you can definitely count on us to keep our paws crossed for you.
In the meantime, we know many rare items like the Elf Tail Armor are pretty popular, but have you checked out the other fabulous accessories currently in Jamaa? Animal Jam Headquarters is always adding and removing items in the shops, so you just never know what will be "rare" next! In fact, you may just be able to purchase it now!
Be sure to stay on top of all the latest store updates by checking out the Jamaa Journal newspaper!
All the best, and play wild!

Animal Jam HQ"

They might bring this item back sometime like super later.


  1. Dragontiger123 just starting cursing me. :'(

  2. I really want to wear my own tail item! How would it look on rabbits...? I really wanna check out when it coming out!
    Sorry I couldn't enter, I've been kinda busy.

    1. The tail armor on bunnies make it look long... Search me for a example im pugz781! im too lazy to log in or use cpas :p

  3. A new glitch!!!!! Ring the bell spread the word!!!! It's so cool, try it!!!!! Wait... I forgot to tell what it is, lol. Make a monkey, be in a den, play, pay very close attention to the bunny hat, it has turned completely white!!! Coolio righto?

  4. awesome!:D i hope it's a nonmember item!


  6. Sizzlerrat is not a username. Did she change it?

  7. @ Anonymous

    The account "Sizzlerat" has been removed, because it was an Animal Jam tester.

    1. ok tester like to testb players and cee wut they woulkd do!!!?????????:) cool i luv it but in sort items there is nothing for tail that could b sum thing new 4 aj::::))) cant wait!!-:)lillyfh

  8. omkg sweet worn 4 it omg!!!

  9. aww i tryed to look her up but she was gone and i wantn 1 supa bad a tail item akwardly awsomely epic!!:O

  10. Ah! Its now the March 2012 member gift

  11. i had a red spike collar and it was scammed D=

  12. hello do you have a lion code cuz its cool i like the vid!


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