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Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Game Glitch Fixed

 The game had some bugs, so AJ HQ fixed it.

It may have also been because I emailed them about it.

You will see the theme come out of the envelope, and then you will be taken to your dressing room. Change into the best clothes quickly, because you have about 30 seconds!!!

Then you will be taken back to the stage to find everyone else dressed up, so vote on who you think is the best! If you vote, you also get gems!

Have fun!


  1. What was the glitch? I don't really understand. What were the phantoms doing to mess up the game?

  2. probs giving the wardrobe the wrong style clothes and stuff.
    just an idea


  3. U no water happened 2 me?!
    Ok so I was practice dressing then u no wat happened?! Ok it would never stop practice dressing!!!!!!
    That was messing it up so now I have 2 go under water as meh dolphin just 2 play best dressesd!!!!!! :p I feel annoyed


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