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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Early Animal Jam Update

 This update is 2 days early, and here are the new things!: (Note: All Halloween rares are gone, and there is not a new newspaper yet.)
The head feather and Headdresses are back! Even the "beta" headdresses!

A new postcard has arrived for Thanksgiving!

New Den Music from Mt. Shiveer!

Also, Striped floors, Argyle walls, and Fruit bowls!

Plus, make sure you get your bat today and today only because they'll be gone!


  1. I never got to get a bat pet because I was not a member when they came out and now I really want one but I can't get one because they are gone now and I really think I should stop talking!

    1. i know where to get one just friend me and i will show you i am supercool07. the bats are cool!


    2. i know where to get one too. just go to spooky party and at the top floor on the left go to the right wall paper and click the bat on the wall paper. that will make you be able to get a bat! :D

  2. can someone send is131ny a rare spike plz? shes very kind and she wants 2 be very rare thanks -winxclub


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