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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nevermind it's Not Fixed *Updated*

  *Update: The game "Best Dressed" is now under construction.
 This is the original post to the game:

Ok the game had a lot of bugs, and it looks like it is a possibility that they took the game away forever, but just as a possibility.

Also, if you click here, you will notice that there were 5 pages in the new Jamaa Journal, but now there are 4. They took out the page, which could also mean that the game is gone forever.

I loved that game even though I only got to play it once...


  1. No, it's under construction. There's now a under repair sign there!

  2. Hi feelers. Watsup? I'm gonna get an aj gift card. I'm really excited!

  3. Could you give me a quote that's yours feelers? Comment it on my blog.

  4. feel good saying for meh!:a waffle is not a waffle withut syrup cause without syrup it is sad and imagine if a waffle is oyu and your sad, find your syrup and be happy. remember you wont always be happy but find your syrup anyway. :)


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