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Friday, November 2, 2012

November Monthly Gift + Apology

Ok, jammers, I'm sorry for not posting since Halloween.
I admit that I forgot about posting on this blog for a while...
Well, I'm sorry, but now, I'd like to post about some new stuff happening!
First of all, the November Monthly Gift: A pet fox!
Here's mine. I named it Firefox for some reason...
Ok! In Epic Wonders, we have the Epic Seasonal Tree!
Two words to describe it: EPIC and SEASONAL.
Why else would it be called an Epic Seasonal Tree?
And in Treetop Gardens, we have a giant cactus... which I can't upload a picture of, sadly.
Also, all of the Halloween Items are on clearance. Let me tidy it all up into one, convenient list!
Jam Mart Clothing
Scary Antlers - 200 gems
Witch Mask - 250 gems
Spider Mask - 300 gems
Demon Mask - 200 gems
Yeti Mask - 250 gems
Monster Teeth - 500 gems
Halo - 300 gems
Hockey Mask - 250 gems
Mummy Mask - 250 gems
Phantom Hat - 250 gems
Vampire Mask - 400 gems
Creature Mask - 250 gems
Bat Mask - 200 gems
Jam Mart Furniture
Giant Phantom - 600 gems
Scary Balloons - 150 gems
Ghosts - 250 gems
Bat Tombstone - 200 gems
Candy Bowl - 250 gems
World Animal Day Banner - 100 gems
Surprised Jack-O'-Lantern - 200 gems
Scared Jack-O'-Lantern - 200 gems
Evil Jack-O'-Lantern - 200 gems
Angry Jack-O'-Lantern - 200 gems
Shiveer Shoppe
Pumpkin Head - 150 gems
Angry Pumpkin Mask - 150 gems
Pumpkin Mask - 200 gems
Bahari Bargains
Airplane Wings - 450 gems
Clown Mask - 350 gems
Nessie Mask - 350 gems
Skull Necklace - 500 gems
Neck Bolts - 300 gems
Halo - 300 gems
Horns - 300 gems
Superhero Cape - 400 gems
Jack-O'-Lantern Head - 350 gems
Skeleton Suit - 400 gems
Tutu - 350 gems
Skeleton Mask - 350 gems
Sunken Treasures
Phantom Cannon (BOOM) - 750 gems
Coral Phantom Statue - 500 gems
Scary Barrel Sponge - 300 gems
Coral Tombstone - 350 gems
Phantom Lights - 250 gems
Happy November, everyone!
Jam On!


  1. Cool.. but why are all the monthly gifts now pets... kinda lame.., I like items better! Tell me if you agree with me and also first comment!

    1. Yes, I agree! I wish that AJHQ would bring back den/clothing items for monthly gifts!

    2. Yeah me to because REALLY we can BUY our own pets! I really want actual ITEMS for the mmg! (mounthly member gift) -pugz781

    3. Ya i know right!, we should have more items than pets, but i have more epts than items, and you knwo why!?

      because most of 2013s monthly gifts were pets.

  2. Hey feelers! Today I added up the price of all the stuff o. Clearince! I got 37,500 gems. I might of made a mistake but that's what I got

    1. That o. Up there i made a mistake it's really on
      Sorry bout that

    2. SNOWYCLAW scammed! Read gingerpawz blog if you don't believe me! I no you may hate me for this but it is all true. I'm only trying to protect you guys and warn you... don't say I didn't warn you... she was my role model but now she's just a dirty scammer.

  3. Feelers, I feel like I will be looking at your pawesome blog for now on since Snowy scammed!

    ~Yoshi0018 (Count Desertstone)
    P.S: You renewed your membership? Last time I went to this blog you said you wished you were a member. But still, happy jamming! ;)

    1. Actually, I'm posting on this blog now. My username is SkyAngelPuppy. I think Feelers can't post for some reason...

  4. i named my fox firefox too :D

  5. I Want clothing for monthly gifts!!! I named my fox Windsky ( I think) yeah.. Weird name buddy
    Me on AJ


  6. Fire fox? Like the app that gives you Internet? Like Crome or safari?

  7. Sorry to post it here, but I just had a glitch that has a floating best dressed trophy achievement and there was no one there. - puleaze


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