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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Canyons Pathway Glitch

  Before I say anything else, I really really want to thank Seals101 for showing me this glitch, similar to the square-ish one in Jamaa Township.

 You can go behind the Canyons Pathway wall!

   Here are the steps to do this glitch:
  1. Go near the entrance to Coral Canyons in the Canyons Pathway.
  2. Change animals, but while you are changing them, quickly click rapidly on the wall by the entrance to Coral Canyons
  3. Do whatever you want there!
  4. To go back, just click down on the path.
  Again, thanks to Seals101 for this glitch!


  1. i love that glitch.


  2. lol i tried it.

  3. Its Katie again! Fauna, I tried your glitch and finally i found one that I'm fast enough to do! Here is another glitch. There is a little spot in Coral Canyons where you can click (by the waterfall)on the right side where you go up to the bridge. It's where the waterfall is small. Click under the game Best Dressed, then click someone's nametag. Play a game with them, then cancel it. Make sure you do this all fast! Now you will be able to walk anywhere in Coral Canyons, even on air! Have fun! Add me on AJ my user is
    poprocks7 or katieqwerty123 :)

  4. Another glitch! On the pathway right besides epic wonders, (make sure you have a long accesory on or be a long animal) stand with your back or your accesory in the plant in the corner and part of your back should disappear! I'd be happy if you post these glitches on your blog! Add me on AJ my user is
    poprocks7 or katieqwerty123


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