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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jamaaliday Update #2!

 The second Jamaaliday update is here!
   Animal Jam has created a real online store for you to buy clothes like from Animal Jam!
visit this link to visit the online store!
Warning: The website may be busy or unavailable. For your computer. Or something.

First of all, everyday when you log in (for a limited time) you will get to pick a gift instead of gems!

      Today's gift is a Snowflake Rug!

It doesn't matter which gift you pick, because any gift you pick will be a snowflake rug.

You get a new icon in the upper screen for parties!
The one I received was the Jamaaliday Jam!

They also have a Jamaaliday Jam Shop for 1 exclusive item! The Paw Candy thing!

Also, you can finally customize your pets accessories however you want!
Just go to the Pet Store in Appondale to customize!

Also, the next animal coming is a horse!

I was this close to a horse. Even though zebras aren't related to horses....

In the clothing stores:
Jamaa Township
Shiveer Shop
In the Shiveer shop, they have Faerie wings from "Best Dressed"!

In the den shops:
        It's really funny because the little "chocolate bits" are actually Reindeer Poop!

   And there is Pest Control for your den.

   You can get lit trees for your den!

Here is the new 2012 Jam-a-Gram! It's animated!

Ok whyyy? They put Happy New YearS. It's ONE happy new year not a BILLION happy new years I'm so tired of hearing Happy New Years!
Other than that, do you guys love the update?


  1. i love the update!!!!
    it finally have the things i want!!!
    i luv animal jam!!!!

  2. I love the new Parties!And i hope,the horses are for nonmembers,too...(I hope!!!)

  3. luv it
    everyone keeps trading me rares the first day for them
    like with rares..... weird
    btw hi skyler0505

  4. did they stop selling the Paw Candy thing because i dont see it being sold anymore:/

  5. i have reindeer poo and i like to call it a "secret chair" (gross, i know) and if they come out again, im gonna buy it til i either dont have enough gems or filled up space.


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