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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Post Request 3; Trickertreee

 Visit Trickertreee's Animal Jam Story blog!

 Tons of great imaginative stories written by him and other awesome Jammers!

Bored on the computer? Visit Trickertreee's Animal Jam Story blog here!

  Here is a sample chapter from Trickertreee's story, Phantoms At Sunrise.

Phantoms At Sunrise
Chapter 1: The Phantom in the Forest
Octo, Spino and me were walking in the Phantom Forest.

Night was falling and the fireflies were glowing and the frogs croaked.

All at once the frogs stopped croaking and we froze.

We saw dark shapes moving in the fog.

"The phantoms!" Octo whispered.

We jumped into a hollow tree and didn't move a inch.

One of the phantoms spoke! "Gleam are you sure the phantom cactus is here?"

"Yes I'm sure," the phantom gleam replied.

"Are you sure we shouldn't turn invisible?" Another phantom asked.

"No click," the phantom named Gleam said.

"We must fight for truth and peace between jammer and phantom!" The phantom gleam said.

"Our group was started by the noble phantom Fire," Gleam said.

"Fire is...gone now..." she said slowly.

We all stared at each other in the hollow tree, thinking the same thing.

To read the whole story, visit Trickertreee's story blog!


  1. Everyone please report xdodx02 for telling me that I had problems. :(

  2. not that bad....

  3. anyone mind checking out my blog? heres the link -----> http://jamaajournalcheese34.blogspot.com/


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