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Daily Updates

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Jamaaliday Update!

 The Jamaalidays are here, so here are the newest updates!

First of all, Jamaa has a Christmas-y look to it!

Here are the new clothing items from Jamaa:
Jamaa Clothing

Shiveer Shop
Bahari Bargains

Here are the new den items:
Den Store

Kani Cove

Oh yeah, there's River Race for your den too!

Here is the new Coral Canyons store called Epic Wonders:

Very Expensive!

          I'm guessing that the blue orb is for members and the green one will be for non members.

The new monthly gift is here!
          A Gingerbread House!

Plus, the new Reindeer Pet!

Also, the a new animal is coming, and you'll notice that it says you'll really Flip  when you see what it is....
 Here is the animal un-flipped.
 Here it is flipped so you don't crane your neck and hurt!  Looks like a zebra.....even though I can't see the stripes....

There is a new card out to send for the Jamaalidays!
Plus, don't forget to play Fruit Slinger for 2x gems and the Coral Canyons Music for your den!

Happy Jamaalidays!


  1. I love winter-jamaa, its so cool! Although my computer is REALLY slow... I think it's because of all the people. (sigh)

  2. Agreed! It's a lot clearer when it's flipped.

  3. lol when i was looking at it in the news i thought it looked kind of like a some what retarded chicken X_X

  4. it does look like a zebra my bro said looked like giraffe..

  5. My brother thought the animal was a duck with a crown, lol.

  6. A duck with a crown???

  7. I think the new animal will be a horse or zebra. I e-mailed Animal Jam HQ but haven't heard back. I hope I do soon, and when I do I'll tell you guys on my blog. :D

  8. WOW it is a zebra cause giraffe's don't have big short neck's and horses don't have that kind of tail cause there tail's are more hairy and long and a duck with a crown?!?!? no no no! they already have duck's for pet's duh Spellgirl! and it totally is a zebra cause aplondale is afirca and zebra's live in afirca...I FEEL SO SMART lol jk anyways.. :D just saying... and it isint a chicken....it is a zebra when you flip it and remember on aj they only have wild animals! not like dogs or ducks or other things...OK?!??!?!

  9. Feelers, did you hear Wando quit?! It's so sad, I hope she changes her mind. D:

  10. I hope that the horse/zebra is for nonmembers!(horses are my favorite animals!:))

  11. i think that the new animal is a horse!

  12. I think that the green glowing sphere thingy iz the epic clothes items and i also think that it will b coming out in march witch iz also rumored to be the month when the following things are coming out
    -royal capes
    -worn blankets
    -clover hat

  13. makes it rain bacon on feelers :D


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