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Daily Updates

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another Update!

Heya, Jammers!
An update came to Jamaa, and, there's a lot of cool stuff!
We can start off by saying there's a new Fantasy Castle! I'd better save up my gems if I want one of these. What do you think of the new den?
If you look on your Jamaa Map, you can now find stuff like shops, pets, and videos! Just go to your map...
...Click on the shopping bag to see shops, video tape to see videos, and/or pet icon to see pets...
Looks like we got a lot of stores, eh? Click a button to go to that location! It's more easier than going up lots of staircases.
Moving on, there's a new game in Lost Temple Of Zios, it's called Falling Phantoms!
You're teamed up with other Jammers, and have to avoid falling phantoms!
Move the arrows on your keyboard to dodge phantoms falling out of the volcano!
You only got once chance, as soon as you get hit, you're out.
I got out pretty quickly, takes skill, I guess.
Also, in Jamaa Journal, it shows you how you can be a Samurai penguin! Neat!
Looks like we were all right, Jammers! Fox pets are coming to Jamaa! Cool!
What's weird is that in the picture it has no arms and it's standing on two legs....NO HUMANS THINGS, PLEASE.
The pet isn't out yet, but will hopefully be chosen next week. I submitted some phantoms, and a parrot.
Did any of you enter something for the contest?
Have a jammin' good time!


  1. Um, I don't think foxes are the new pet, I think they're a new animal, because it said the drawings of the pet were in the gallery, and there were just drawings of turtles. And the fox doesn't only have to legs. The "left leg" is its front legs and the "right leg" is its back legs.

  2. @Manateegirl

    I know foxes aren't the pets. I never said in the post that they were, either.


    1. Yeah, you did. You said fox pets are coming to Jamaa.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The foxes r not standing. Their Legs r together.

  4. Feelers and greatshot check your emails you are now AJG authors

  5. I like your blog it's amazing. I read it all the time!
    Unfortunately my buddy list is full but send me a letter!

    ~ lydiaplusawesome~


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