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Monday, July 9, 2012

Tip: Falling Phantoms!

Having some trouble on Falling Phantoms, or just want a tip? Read more for some tips!

Hey Jammers!

Wow, I haven't posted a tip in a while, so here is a tip on the newest Animal Jam game, Falling Phantoms!

  1. Go against the phantoms as they are falling!
This might sound confusing at first, but this picture might help:
  Here, if you see a phantom falling like this, then just go against it, because if you didn't, then it would "follow" you and hit you. If you go against it at the right time, then it will miss you!

   2. Be quick!

Okay, you guys probably already know to be quick, but make sure that when you first see the black part of a phantom, to hurry and move! Make sure you keep moving in the game, so that you are the only animal left at the end of the game!

  3. Don't stay in one corner!

Now this is a mistake that I've seen some Jammers make. When the game starts, don't stand in one corner, because phantoms hit there too! It might work for a little bit, but it won't work for the entire game, especially when the HUGE phantoms start to hit!

I hope these tips help! If you want me to post a tip on ANY game in Animal Jam, tell me in a comment!

Jam On!


  1. mayall (my animal jam username)July 10, 2012 at 7:42 AM

    To Feelers: I love this blog. I was having some trouble with falling phantoms but thanks for the help. With your tips, I actually got 1st place!
    P.S. to Feelers: Ich leibe Speck

    1. Thanks for loving this blog! I'm glad you love it!
      I'm also glad that these tips helped! If you need help on any other games, just tell me! I would be happy to make more tips!

      Jam On!

    2. mayall (my animal jam username)September 24, 2012 at 3:22 PM

      Your blog inspired me to make my own blog. Tonight my parents are setting it up for me!
      P.S. Your profile pic is freaking me out. Ha ha! I'm not saying u have to change it though.

    3. me too! i used to run away from da phantom, but now i know to go against it
      P.S. I LIKE PIE!

    4. Thanks for the tips! I am a Falling Phantoms wonder, I love this minigame and I am epic at it. I have always hated the corner, it's an accident-prone place. xD

  2. Hm. That's weird because I usually stay in one corner and move around a bit and I actually end up in 1# or 2# place. I am really good at Falling Phantoms. I love the game so much and it gives you a lot of gems, too. If you are successful at it.

  3. I think moving back an forth works REALLY well


    Ps to Feelers ich leibe speck!)

  4. Thanks feelers for the tips I'm good at at it thanks!

  5. In the beginning, *since I'm really good at it and it gets boring since only like one phantom falls. not bragging* I usually find a way to entertain myself like going back and forth and not getting hit by a phantom. Then, when it starts to get REALLY good, I taunt the phantoms and go under them and move right before they hit me. Sometimes I'm away getting bacon and I STILL don't get hit. Now that's what I call skill. :D


  6. plz post a tip on the game Jamaa Derby! i always lose :(

  7. i find its always a good idea to stay in a group because your less likely to get hit and another good idea is to stay near bigger animals.a lot of other people know this too
    i like being a lion when i play this because i like watching all the bunnies and foxes etc scramble towards me LOL



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