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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Carnival "Birkenstock" Sandals!

New Sandals are available in the Summer Carnival!

Hey Jammers!

If you visit the Summer Carnival and go to the prize booth for clothes, you will find new Sandals!

They look a lot like Birkenstocks to me.....

Remember in that one post a while ago when I showed these other shelf items?

On these shelves there are these items (crossed out are ones that are in stores)
  • Alligator/Crocodile Back Armor
  • Alligator/Dinosaur/Spiked Tail Armor
  • Sandals
  • Fox/Striped Tail
  • Hat with Dreadlocks
Now the other items on the shelves should be coming to the Summer Carnival soon!

Also, the Best Dressed themed contest is still running, and nobody has found all of the items yet! (Or maybe it's just me...)
I'm still trying to find which prizes I should have for the contest, and if you would like to enter the contest, you can see the post from here! (It'll open a new window) Contest
Maybe I might need to fix something on the contest. Do you guys have any suggestions for prizes?

Jam On!


  1. its boring in the summer carnival, so less games....does any one agree with me????if so,leave a comment below mines.......

  2. carnival is alright :L


  3. i like it...... i also know the glitch

  4. I have never had a Summer Carnival in meh life! I joined AJ in October and didn't get membership for Christmas, unfortunately it was months before parents were persuaded, 'tongue out,' yeah yeah, everything happens to meh.


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