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Daily Updates

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fox Update *Late*

Foxes are here for members, and some new awesome features are also here!

New Features:

Foxes are here!

Pet Turtles are coming in 2 weeks!
Amazing, huh? I sure hope they're amazing then!

Den Depot: A new den shop (although with the regular dens) takes place of the old Coral Canyons shop!

Here at Den Depot, you can find all of the awesome dens in Jamaa! (I also think that mini restaurant den is cute XD)

New "My Settings" for all Jammers!
This shows your tag if you're a Member or Non-Member, quick access to unlocking and locking your den, turning off all sounds in Jamaa, and awesome mini feature updates around Jamaa!
Here is the view from first-person perspective:
Well, from a Non-Member perspective anyway ;)

Gem Donations- Help bring back Monkeys in Jamaa!
(Click for larger view)
Have you Jammers missed being able to purchase Monkeys around Jamaa? Just simply donate some gems at the Conservation Museum, and if we work together and raise 100 million gems, then Monkeys will come back to Jamaa! Hooray!

Daily Explorer- Want to be part of Jamaa's newest News Crew? I sure do!
Jamaa will be having it's first every news crew! The Animal Jam HQ will be releasing it's "topic" for posting an article, and if your article is the BOMB, then your article will be featured in the Jamaa Journal, and you'll be "officially" part of the Animal Jam News Crew!
(Click for it to be readable)
Now is every Jammer's chance to be part of the Daily Explorer News Crew!

New Fox Jam-A-Gram (and stamps for them too)!
Here is the fox Jam-A-Gram:
(Click for full size)

And the New Stamps:

The Party Hat and Horseshoe are animated ^-^

New Items:

In Jam Mart Clothing (as of today):

Knight Helmets! Available for 450 gems, and for Non-Members too!

In Jam Mart Furniture:
Mailboxes! Now we have something for our mail, I guess :/

At the Summer Carnival:

New Plushies for pets and some animals! This means that the rest of the animals should come to the Summer Carnival soon!

Have a Jamtastic time with the new udpate, Jammers! You guys are awesome!



  1. COOL! awesome armer hat thing for the non members!


    1. I know! They're pretty cool! I love this update! :D

      Jam On!


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