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Saturday, July 7, 2012


Here is Round 1 of our Best Dressed Theme of the SPECIAL CONTEST!


This is the second held contest here at Animal Jam Rage!

This Contest is Best Dressed Themed, and there will be 3 Rounds to it.

This first Round won't have prizes.

Here are the details for Round 1:

  • All Jammers are welcome!
  • Email your submission to me at animaljamguides@gmail.com
  • The first 5 Jammers to find all these items from Best Dressed on REAL Jammers moves on to Round 2!
Here are the Rules for Round 1:
  1. No Cheating (fake pictures, scamming to get items)
  2. Be fair! (Don't bribe others!)
  3. No using other Bloggers 
  4. The picture must have the Jammer's username in it.
  5. Have fuuuun!

Now, here is Round 1:

 Here are 4 Best Dressed items.

 The Jammers who want to participate must find Jammers who have these items on their Trade List or on themselves. The first 5 Jammers to find other Jammers with these items will move on to Round 2! I'll post Round 2 as soon as I have all 5 Jammers. If you can't email me, then you can try to get the Jammer with the clothing items to come and see me. If that won't work, you can take a screenshot and have another Jammer send it for you.

Good Luck!



  1. What if you yourself has one of the items?

    1. I'm sorry, if you yourself have this item, you can't use it in the contest. Some Jammers don't have any of these rares, so it wouldn't be fair to them.

  2. Wait, is your email have the name, Dealon in it? I'm just wondering because I already Emailed someone named that, and I'm not sure if it is you, because there might be another @animaljamguides. Please answer me :)


  3. i saw those ones with the rares thing on them in best dressed


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