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Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Message from Greenfun

Hey everyone! 
I haven't been posting and updating pages because I have been busy this weekend. I'll have the new riddle and Jammer of the week updated as soon as I can!
This is a message from Greenfun! Post this on your blog page!

   "Hi! Plz post this on your blog, join Team Animal Jam! It helps stop badness in Jamaa! To join, send Greenfun a JamAGram saying Jam On! And its the Animal Pride with #1 on it!" 

    Here is a picture of the Jam-A-Gram that he wants you to send!

   You can also see that message here at Animal Jam Rage on the Submit a Howl page.


  1. Awesome, this post has been put on 7 different blogs in only a few days! Thanks for being the seventh! And thanks for joining! We got about 40 members!

  2. Oh did you make a blog for it? Sweet! And wow, you responded fast!

  3. Hi hi! Many many people joined, about a 100 by now.

    1. The animal pride thing isn't here anymore. D: What do I do?

    2. You do know, GreenFun, that you could make a video about this, right? It may help...

      (A fan of Feelers and GreenFun)

  4. I know this is off topic... but i can't find the random page... OK so I want to know how you put that picture of you by your name. Plz answer!

  5. @ Cesalia

    With the picture of me.... first I took a screenshot of me howling, then I cut out the picture of my face and put it next to me howling. Then I cut the whole thing out and saved it. Hope this helps!

  6. I love your blog. You inspired me!! I awlways wanted you to buddy me so please do. I am Gingerlov89! Ask me I can do any glitch... Like anywhere I can do one. So if you buddy me and BOTH of us are on I can show you one!


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