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Daily Updates

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Today's Updates!

  •  Greenfun submits a howl
  • The Updates of the week is moved to the sidebar bellllloooooww this post. 
  • New tip 

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   Nothing yet.


  1. Hey Feelers! The day after we added each other, I saw that you weren't on my buddy list anymore. I guessed that you deleted me because I have a blog and we can just add each other any time. But today, Wolfpup99 asked why I deleted you... But I didn't delete you! And I guess you didn't delete me! So, should we just add each other again? There is a glitch going around involving buddies being remover and un-removed... Like yesterday, I deleted one of my other accounts to add someone, but the next day, the account I deleted was back on my buddy list, and the person I added was off of my buddy list... (Sorry that this comment is unrelated. I just wanted to clear this confusion.)

  2. That's weird........I don't remove my friends unless they are people I don't remember adding. We can just add each other!
    Plus, I probably won't see you often, because I have PST, so right now it's 8:36 PM! It's probably morning where you live!

  3. Weird... It happened with my friend Betasidekix! I buddies him, and the next day, he wasn't on my list! I thought he deleted me so I saw him and had a fit. He said he didn't unbuddy me so I knew it was the glitch! I buddied him again and it deleted him again .-.


    ~kiki51772 peace love spiders~


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