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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Obvious Scammer......

    Ok I was at this trading party, and I was saying that anyone could choose any 4 rares from my list for non member bat wings. So this girl came up to me.........

    She said, "Hey I have non member bat wings, but my computer is so old fashioned that it won't let me press the "ok" button." I was already thinking, "no". Then she said, " We can send, I don't scam." Then I saw that she didn't have the wings on her list, and she wasn't wearing them. So I said, "Okay the. Put on your wings." She said, "I can't." Scammer right? This could just be the glitch like what happened to Mayksufi....... I don't know but I still don't trust her...... 


  1. OMG! thats mt bud! i deleted hey after she was workin at a strip club. whatever you do DONT TRUST HER! She almost scammed me, too!

    - foxlen

  2. OMG! she has like scammed me a million times! she was working at a strip club and i deleted her from my buddy list!


  3. omg i saw that happen it was rarepets or somethings den and i wanted to say something but some kid wanted me to go to his den :P

  4. @foxlen
    A STRIP CLUB?! Disgusting.
    -sillybandzrule, disgusted at scammers

  5. i have seen her before. so far no one says that she is a scammer and the above comments little kids a readsding this!!!!!!! they are going to ask tier moms and dads what a strip club is.so please try and not say that for the little kids that are reading these comments.



  7. you are a very smart girl you are lucky u didnt send cause she was a scammer peace -piegirl334

  8. I have gotten scammed by her!

  9. wow i have had that happen to me before

  10. i heard about her before, yes she does work in one of the "clubs". She is a scammer, she scammed my friend like 3 times.

  11. what! Justice909 was my good friend!! now Im so disgusted tell me the truth about This girl!!! :O -gets popcorn-

  12. Obviously. Just don't trust scammers. You're right to not trust this person, Feelers.


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