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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weird Happenings.......

    Ok I logged on to Animal Jam. I just got bored so I went to my den. I saw this:

    My den items disappeared! I wasn't hacked, because Star00000 said that she saw everything still in my den. 
    Then I saw someone trying to trade me for one of my items, but this is what I saw:

    I couldn't tell what they were trading for, so I had to say no!
    Now I can't add anything to my list until this glitch goes away!

    I REALLY hope this goes away.........


  1. Omg i had sometihn JUST liek that D= i also had sometihn kinda liek that too... where i had an auction for memer ghosts for scary gate. Someone thought i scammed em cuz they said the ghosts were still there! they werent cuz they wernt in my inventory or trade list! =\

  2. it could just be that your computer is being slow. try rebooting it next time that happens

  3. That happened to me when I was a member, but only with clothes, and only with half of it, but the picture of the clothes wwere all bunched up in one, it was weird. Too bad I can't take pictures :(


  4. I once loged in today and I saw my sea animal onand and my name bags was gone and there was nothing in my den and my friend says she can see all my stuff


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