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Monday, August 1, 2011

New Things for the Blog? *Update*

    Okay, so I'm thinking of doing a Trading Central (Thanks to Mspencil for the idea!), for another page. It will be my last page, because I was going to add more from the glitch, but, oh nevermind. Anyway I was asking if you guys would like a Trading Central. It would be where you email me pictures of what you are trading by taking a screenshot, and then if I would choose it, (because I can't post a bunch at a time) then I would post it on the Trading Central page. If many many of you guys like the Trading Central idea then comment! We can always have different ideas for the last page too if you guys don't want a Trading Central.
    Again, thanks to Mspencil for the idea! JAM ON!!!!


  1. that........is.......AWESOME!!! I'm TOTALLY up for the idea!!! =D

  2. I think it's awesome too! I'm still thinking about it

  3. were did i say that???? i dont call saying that who knows it could be just me!!!

  4. Lol......Your Welcome!! ^_^ By the Way...if you do that Trading Central thing....Well im looking for some nm scary bat wings!! :D


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