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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


 This week's what would you do is,

What would you do....

                                        If your friend said bad things and got away with it?

         My answer is: I would probably tell them to stop, and if they responded in a mean way, or ignored me, then I would take them off my buddy list and report and ignore them.

    Submit your answers in comments, and if you want me to post them right here, then comment like:

         My answer is:
         Post this answer: (yes/no) 


Greenfun says: I would be mad at them, and I would report and delete them.
BigGoldfish101 says: I would slap them and email AJ HQ.


  1. Oh and here is an example!

    Username: PampersCruisers
    My answer is: I would poop on them
    Post this answer: No
    (You can type yes or no next to post this answer)

  2. Username: GreenFun
    My answer is: I would be mad at them and I would report and delete them
    Post this answer: Yes

  3. Username!: BigGoldfish101!
    My answer is:I would slap them and email AJ HQ
    Post this answer: Yes

  4. Sigh.
    Username: Spellgirl
    My answer is: I can't answer this because it ahs already happpened to me.

  5. Username: Cesalia

    My answer is: I would tell them to not do that because its not good for you and tell him/her to remember that little kids play this game too.

  6. Username: wolf28379

    My answer is: I would delete them, and report them. Also I would send them frequent letters and buddy requests to annoy them. If I ever saw the person I would annoy her even more... I would also go to Jamaa TOwnship and yell "report ( persons user ) they are mean!!" also I would just ignore her/him, And email AJ HQ. if that happened to me I would want themnto get banned!

    P.S. I got an Ipad2 for Christmas and I'm using it for commenting on blogs. So if my blogger name doesn'T show up, it's because I don't have it registered on my iPad.

  7. My username is: papad91278
    My answer is: Delete them, report them, block them, and tell HQ about it.
    Post: Yes please

  8. Username: wolfhead73601
    Answer: I would slap the 10 times and tell them to stop.
    Post this answer: Yes

  9. Username:foxluv14725
    Answer:I would slap s/he, report them, delete them, annoy them, and tell AJHQ
    post this answer: yes yes yes and yes plz

  10. Username: Roiho
    Answer in game: I dont REALLY know you so i dont care
    Answer in real life: Ignore and hang out with my other friend, but secretly cry inside
    Post: Yes

  11. Username: cupcat1234
    Answer: I would first inquire why exactly they did that. If they knew that they were doing wrong and felt no remorse, then they would not be a friend. On Animal Jam, I would report and block them until they aquired a moral compass.
    Post: Yes


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