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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shiver Club!

    Ok I wanted to make a Club for the Blog, so I'm calling it the Shiver Club! No, it's not supposed to be Shiveer, but I just thought of Shiver. I will make a page where you can register or sign up for the club and then I will make a new part of the blog, but for a club! I hope it's fun for you guys! 

    P.S. You don't have to be a member of Animal Jam to be a member of Shiver Club!


  1. Okay i can't wait! i will surely sign up for the club!

  2. Hi it's me dragontiger123 can I be a moderator for this site I'm great wit words and I know all the secrets about animal jam also I know that there is many things that are unknown about this I know jammers that are in the hq so I find out all the stuff about it so yea can you make me a moderator and I know a few things that most jammers so yes that's all ~dragontiger123 breath the fire 0.-

  3. Feelers-- sweet sounds cool I''l defiantly sign up

  4. Oh and I would love to sign up I have great spelling and I can answer any question!!! *well almost*

  5. Cool I will sign up XD -puppypooch1 forever


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