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Friday, August 26, 2011

Quitting Animal Jam (No, not me.)

    I have been hearing this  copiously around Jamaa:
"I'm thinking of quitting Animal Jam........Everyone is getting annoying....and people are begging me for my rares."

"I'm going to stop playing Animal Jam."

"Bye everyone. I'm done with Animal Jam."

    I'm not criticizing you guys, but this needs stop .Not  quitting Animal Jam, but being dramatic about it. 
    I know Animal Jam can get boring at times,  but that isn't a reason to quit,
    People may keep asking for your rares, but that isn't a reason to quit. 

    You can quit if you want, because it's not anyone elses decision. So you have rares. Big deal. It's just another clothing item. Don't let that stop you from playing Animal Jam. If people are begging you for your rares., then ignore them! They just think that if they don't have any rares, then they won't fit in. Animal Jam is a place to just be free. Anyone fits in! It's a high possibility that those rares will come back. They are only rare for a limited time. So please, when you are thinking of quitting, just think to yourself! Don't go off telling alllll your friends about what you're going to do yet. Just give yourself some time to think, and when you've thought, then do it. If you are sure you want to quit, then just go and tell your friends, but don't make a big deal about it like your dying. If you are sure you aren't going to quit, then just let it be.
    Animal Jam is for everyone! So don't quit because you think you don't fit in, because of your rares, or because of bullies. You have the power to ignore and report them at the touch of a button! There is no need to fight and do bad things. 
    When you have rares, be proud of them, but don't think they are evil devices to keep you from playing Animal Jam.
    If you think Animal Jam is boring, then give it a few days! Maybe that urge to play Animal Jam comes back, then you know what to do. There are plenty  of new updates coming up in about a week!

Jam On, and have fun!   


  1. Wow long article, well now well now... that does go on too much! But peeps say its cause of too much drama, inappropriateness, or something else. Its annoying, but then later they change their mind..and they don't make it a big deal when they tell their friends, their friends do so by WHY?? or YOU CANT! Oh well bye now.

  2. Hm.. good point i guess... even though I'm quitting Animal Jam. I didn't cause too much drama or whatever but I'm quitting cuz AJ seriouly doesn't get me ANYWHERE, i cant stand it no more and I have upcoming case of diabetes in the works I have to take care of...

    Sorry if I'm being "dramatic"
    But seriously Im not all that for drama! I cldnt care less!

  3. @ BigGoldfish101

    I just think it's because of mean people, unfair memberships, scamming, and the rares. I still love Animal Jam so much, I don't think I will ever quit. I'M STILL GOING TO PLAY IT WHEN IM 20!

    1. Me too! I'll play it until I'm 20 or it shuts down, whichever comes first.

  4. I have to say Animal Jam is the best virtual world I've EVER been on! Plus it is very safe and great fun for children. You can learn alot too! If I have a problem with the site I email the HQ and they reply quickly and sort out the problem. I will most definetly play this even when I am an adult! Much better than Club Penguin, Panfu and other virtual worlds (in my opinion).


  5. *ahem* the second comment is mine

    I love AJ! its rlly awesome! but seriously i have other things to work on! like my new upcoming ONline Game, working against diabetes and many other things.

    - foxlen

  6. @ foxlen

    So, you want to quit Animal Jam, but work against diabetes, an online virtual world, which is like 5x harder to do than just play Animal Jam, and many other things?
    Isn't is simpler to just play Animal Jam and your other things than to work on an online world?

  7. i no right i hate it when people make a really big deal about it another thing i have herd is good bye forever animal jam ok really then why did you get on animal jam then i mean really people just leave the hole world will not die wih out you what do they want you to say NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean really people really

    feelers will you please buddy me on animal jam my user name is amadog19

  8. Warsama123 scammed me in that way, he came up to me and said "I'm quiting AJ so I will give you my rare purple glove" (gloves weren't in shops back then) I was SO happy! I would have a gray and purple glove but then warsama123 said "i need you to give me your glove first i will give you my necklace for your glove" I put that thinking face on. He said "later I will give you my glove, don't worry, trust me I'm your buddy" I have a trusting nature, so I trusted him and he took my gray glove away :( But I traded for another one, but I'm still mad at him. Sorry if this doesn't have much to do with topic.


    1. ok i trust people alot now i am trying not to.


    2. ceasalia i dont remeber saying that -warsama123 if i did im truley sorry i dont rember because i mostley PLAY transformice

  9. True 'dat! Animal Jam has been boring at times, but it always is fun! (I know that may have not made any sense)

  10. I know, people are so dramatic, wando20, don't quit aj, because everyone is being big stinks

  11. If I quit it would be bcuz someone knows my password and already sent my rares 2 theirs. Or if they deleted all of my buddies w/ tht.

    Also when I was playing one time someone was begging me 4 a rare so I said no and ignored them. I was in the Lost Temple Of Zios 1 month later HE WAS THERE. I left of course while he was walking 2 me. WATCH OUT 4 PEOPLE U IGNORE. They don't know u did tht and probably thought you were just not listening. They might report u also.

  12. Please don't quit Feelers!
    I'll miss you then and soon penguins will be here!

    No one knows if they are for members or non-members yet.


  13. I've thought multiple times about quitting....but my brother after he quit, told me to tell all his friends that he was dead (he's recovering from cancer, you see) A couple months later...once he'd come back from bording school...he wanted back on....I had to tell all lis friends he was still alive...and now I feel no one trusts me

  14. I hate it when people act like dramactic soap opera actors. Not just on AJ but on other websites. I quit a lot of websites but do I go "I'M QUTTING SO AND SO CUZ ITS SO MEAN AND UNFAIR!!!!"? No I don't. Then people will beg you to stay. I hate begging ~dopplegengar23

  15. im gonna quit when im an adult :/
    btw ill only quit when im too old for it not cuz of rarez

  16. i love AJ, but if i quit, it'll only be cause im too old 4 it, lke, when im im an adult.

  17. im thinking of quitting because of all the drama, people are guilting me and i cant take it, i feel really bad, does anyone have any advice?

  18. my mom is 30 and she plays animal jam all day long!
    p.s. feelers can you add me my user is lolipop1086. ok bye


  20. I might quit AJ but not for those reasons. AJ is kinda getting old for me ;)

  21. i'll probably quit AJ when i hit 12 ( 10 and a half at the moment :D)
    even though i love it
    i'll probably end up quitting :*(

  22. Remember, when people are quitting, dont say anything mean to them! THEY COULD BE SERIOUS! Even if they are dramatic, cmon, THEY MAY BE SERIOUS! Bunnyto quited because of bullies and her best friend leaving her to die of bordem. People in every server made a protest for her to stay, Shes quitted now, search her up, SHES REALLY RARE! I hope she returns to AJ soon! SEND HER RARES AND BETAS AS A WELCOME BACK GIFT IF SHE EVER DOES RETURN! IM SERIOUS! MY USERNAME IS GARTHE! PLEASE FOR MOONSAKE DO IT!

  23. Preaching to the choir...... XD seriously people think Animal Jam is that bad? I mean you can just Ignore or Report, not leave. Next thing ya know.... there will be no body else on Animal Jam. O.o

  24. Omg that was an awesome article! I love it! I have seen random jammers trying to babble about quitting AJ. Sheesh. I really love AJ and if I quitted I would cry ALL night. I have 6 rares and counting so far!!! My username is julie213. :D

  25. How do you use blogger so well? You see, Feelers, I've tried to use blogger to make my website, for my subscribers, friends and people to see, but it's really hard; so I used Wix.com, which makes my website look really odd. It places my items (i.e. pictures, text, etc) in different places from when I put them in editing. Btw, my site is http://rihannaraluna.wix.com/animaljam-evia. You will see the problems. (No, my website is done, and yes it's pretty bad so far. XD) Thanks!

    - Envicax Aj


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