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Friday, August 19, 2011

More New Things for AJ!

    Another new update has come to Animal Jam, which is weird because it's supposed to come every 2 weeks, but it has been 2 weeks in a row!

        First of all, the new animal, which is a crocodile! They also have croc plushies!

      Then there are new pets, which are cute hamsters! I am totally getting one!


     Then there are new colors for den items, and clothes!

     Annnnnd new croc shaman, banner, museum display, and giant plushie!

His name is Cornelius

    And there is Twister for your den!

  And 6 new flags!

   And a new September gift! I have no idea what it would be!

    Plus, there is a secret message in the Newspaper!

    It sounds like AJ is getting ready for another huge update with TONS of new stuff!


  1. The huge thing is the new oceans, with a shark and dolphin, the september gift is a weather cloud, the new games is fish eat fish and phantom's treasure.


    1. you spoiled it! of course, it has been almost a year.....

  2. hey feelers? how did u get those little virtual pets on the blog (the ones called site mascot super llama, george, and cabbage)? And how did u get that thingy with the yellow, green, orange, and red fish? Please reply

  3. @ Piplup131415

    The fish is just called "Fish", and it's for Blogger®. Just search fish when you click to add a gadget, and it should come up!
    For the virtual pets, click this link: Virtual Pets

  4. i lov3e this blog ich liebe speck


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