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Friday, August 5, 2011

Odd Claw Glitch

    Ok that was weird. I was playing the claw in my den, and it made the noise when you win something. Here's what showed up:

    I put "keep", so then I could see what it was, but it wasn't in my inventory! The only things I saw were my other plushies that were already in my den! Oh well. Guess I will just put this on the glitch page! JAM ON!!!!


  1. YAY!! you won a lightbulb!! WOOHOO

  2. Nooooo I won..... A LIFETIME SUPPLY OF CEREAL!

    1. hehe well im sorry that you didnt get anything but when u said Nooooo i won..... A LIFETIME OF CEREAL!
      that was funny

  3. Awww wish i could of won a light bulb. Way more fun than a stupid pink koala every single time! lol (:

  4. I want a lightbulb!

  5. thank you for becoming a member on my website did you like it? Go to my sisters blog at webkinziscool.blogspot.com

  6. Hi can you go to my webkinz blog DO NOT SEARCH on google! Search in your regular tab thing... I am lilyf123456 sister. The blog is webkinz rox!

  7. helloz!!!
    my name is pony4ever1 on animal jam!!
    if u know how to take care of a bunny and u are a member plz send me how to in a jam a gram plz!!!

  8. lolz wow thats random XD

    -p.s this is piegirl334 oh and if you're reading this capri16 its meh your friend in real and in animal jam XD!!

  9. light bulb the new claw item bright as ever play now

  10. At least it is just the claw....
    I would be horrible if it was in the trading party! People hardly get RARE items in the trade claw game or they don't get anything at all.... -.-
    And if that lightbulb thingeh showed up... that would ruin their chance of getting a rare...
    XD X3 :D :)
    Jam on!!!!!!!!
    Your 1# fan, hawaiianmonkseal!


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