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Friday, September 7, 2012

Golden Collection: Golden Throne!

An out of order den collection item for the Golden Collection, the Golden Throne!
I'll make a page about the Den Collections when I can, so you guys know all of the items if you want a certain type of edition in your den.

This throne, when I first saw it, looks very taaaaall, and has Egyptian Hieroglyphics on it! Hieroglyphics was how the Egyptians wrote back then! Hmm.....maybe if I ever have the time (which I don't) I'll try and translate the hieroglyphics for you guys!

Also, here's a picture of an adorable Fennec Fox:

These little critters naturally have big ears, a wonderful adaptation for them!

Just wanted to show you guys!

Au revoir!
Jam On!


  1. aww fennec foxes are so cute!! i litterly love the big ears. wanna hear a fact about them?
    they are endangered.
    p.s i love bacon. ( i dont understand the german thing)
    from: jdgfoig

  2. oh so sorry about the comment above, i was using my friends blogger account. i know her in real. bye


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