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Friday, September 14, 2012

Star Glasses!

It's Autumn in Animal Jam, and today's item has been pulled from the past!

Starfish Star (there, I fixed the typo, guys.) Glasses were in stores a while ago. I didn't even realize that they left the store!

Also, I might have missed the update post, but here's a new Promo Code to get a birthday cake!


Nice code.

Alsoooo, fall means Halloween is approaching slowly, which means some creepy music from Zelda to fit the occasion. (<-- by this, I mean Zelda music on the blog, typo master ;])

Also, the music I put on this blog will never have lyrics, so it won't be annoying for you guys.
I'll put the music up some time in October.

I'll attempt to make the blog look Fall-ish, and then Halloween like.

Jam On!


  1. :o i was with you and papad at the birthday party :o

  2. did you put starFISH on purpose?

    papad91278's the glitch queen

  3. i have a few things to say.
    1 i was on with you and papad
    2 i noticed a typo. starfish glasses you had put not star glasses, haha.
    3 yu said you put zelda on in aj.
    4 cool blog :D

  4. i tryed talking to my buddy and we couldn't talk to eachother nobody could ttype or anything on aj it was so quite ;( why!!!!!! :(


  5. feelers look in lolcheeseymonkey's den it has a bad word oh my wolf wholy dog doo...

  6. i need 6,500 dens for the day of the phantoms den I HAVE A LOT TO GO!

    papad91278's the glitch queen


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