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Friday, September 7, 2012

Tip: How To Send in Your News Crew Report

I've heard that some of you guys have been having some trouble sending in your News Crew Article, so here are the steps for sending in your article!


  • Jot down some notes on the topic, and pay attention to all shops and features for that particular topic.
  • Make sure you check all of your grammar and spelling.
  • Stay on topic!
  • Don't start abruptly or end abruptly.

Step 1:

   Type up your report on a Word Document. If you don't have word, that's okay, just type it on something you can type or save it on.

Step 2:

   In Jamaa, go to Jamaa Township (not on a crowded server, or your computer might run slowly). Click on the bulletin board (Jammer Central). Then, where you see the gallery picture, click Submit Your Work.

Step 3:

   Go to the page where you typed your article. Highlight everything, and right click and click "Copy". Then go back to Animal Jam, and in the space where you type your work, right click and press "Paste". If the paste part doesn't show up, then click in the space, and press Ctrl and V together. Your article will be pasted in the space!

Step 4:

   To put in the screenshot, click the button in the corner of the space where your work is pasted. It's the picture with the Cat face on it hehehe.

Now, make sure your picture is saved as a JPEG picture, not a BMP. If it's a screenshot, it's probably already saved as a BMP. To change it to a JPEG, you can go to pixlr.com/editor and open that picture, then just save it as a JPEG instead of a BMP. Make sense?
   Once your picture is a JPEG, then you can upload it on Animal Jam.
   Now, just click submit! And make sure that your name (not your nickname) is put at the end of the article. I would end it with Fauna Toughclaw, not Feelers. You guys would end it with your Animal's name, not your nickname.

   That's it! I hope this has helped you all!

Jam On!


  1. I love cats! catcfacecatfacecatface!
    -wolfhead73601 the cat lover

  2. Feelers, how DO you save the image as a JPEG? Thanks!

    1. Here's a way to do it.

      Click here. (It will take away this window and replace it with the link. Beware....)

      Here are the steps:

      Step 1: Click the button that says, "Upload file from computer". It's the second button.
      Step 2: Open up the picture you are using for your News Crew Report.
      Step 3: When the picture is opened, click "File" at the top of the editor, and click "Save As".
      Step 4: There should be a little scrollable box that already says BMP (I think). Click the scroll arrow in that box, and press JPEG, so it saves the picture as a JPEG.
      Step 5: Click "Okay" (or next, whatever it says).
      Step 6: Save the picture in your file! It's already a JPEG.

      I hope this answers your question!

      Jam On!

  3. Wait nevermind, I got it. ;) Thanks for the help Feelers!

  4. Okay now - when I submit it, it only says "-Explorer Spiritgem"; SHOULD it say that? Sorry for asking so many questions. :P

    1. Yes, it should only say -Explorer Spiritgem. I think Animal Jam HQ knows the actual nickname of the Jammer who sent it.

      Jam On!

  5. Hi feelers i am happy the now me and tons of other jammers can send it in. Even though there more people, which makes it a less chance of winning, lots of people get to send in work now. Yay :3

  6. Feelers, you will most likely not see this, but I'm happy that you like Zelda too!!!!! XD


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