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Thursday, September 13, 2012

2 Years of Playing Wild!

Today is a special day, because it's been 2 years, or 731 days (remember the Leap Day?), since Animal Jam was unlocked for Jammers around the world to play!

For the celebration, Animal Jam has introduced the AJ Birthday Party!
Here's a little something I did:

In the new AJ Birthday Party, you can wander through a party entirely made of desserts! Mostly cake, and Ice Cream to surround it! You'll be greeted by bronze Shaman statues (also for purchase), and eat some sweets!

Animal Jam Headquarters still hasn't announced the winning den, but it will be a Mushroom Den! You can see for yourself at Jammer Central in Jamaa Township!

Also, a new game in Sarepia Forest has been introduced, Hedgehog!

Does this platform look familiar? It's Animal Jam's version of Pac-Man!

I'll put up my high score (so far), and if you guys beat it, then email a picture to me!

Also, the Summer Carnival is coming to and end, sadly, but there's still 13 more days for you to have fun with your buddies, play games, win prizes, and jump for joy!

Love printing stuff and coloring? Head over to Tierney's Aquarium and check out Print and Play, to print out awesome pictures of sea animals!

And last, the only new item today is the Gardening Hat, available for Members Only in Jam Mart Clothing.

Like the new things happening around Jamaa?
Jam On!


  1. i know the glitch at the new party yay :)


    1. I figured it out too

      papad91278's the glitch queen

  2. Hedgehog is like pacman, but with berries, phantoms and a hedgehog.
    -wolfhead73601 the clan fox

  3. Hehe, lol I saw you when you took the picture of you saying Happy Birthday. ^-^ I tried to join in, but was too late remember? XD

    Good times,


  4. I love the AJ Ɓɪ̇ƦƮ┣┫ԀǟỲ party song, but I don't know where to buy it! Can anyone help me?

  5. Wow. The carnival is ending on my birthday! I still don't have anything from it yet! DX better start earning tickets... D:


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