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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Jamaa Journal: Volume 69.5

In Sunken Treasures, found in Kani Cove, you can purchase a Bubble Emitter for your water den!

This is a neat little item for your den! I'm not sure what it does though....emits bubbles, I'm guessing?

And, if you're a plushie collector, this post found on the Daily Explorer shows the different kinds of monkey plushies!

And the highlight of this post:

This is just one reason why I don't get up at 4 o' clock in the morning to post:

This is Volume 69.5 of the Jamaa Journal! The reason why is because Animal Jam Outfitters has released brand new T-Shirts!

They also switched the "Happy Birthday" picture to the second page of this issue, so that Jammers remember. Nothing else in it has changed, though!

Jam On!



  1. feelers! feelers! sorry im just really excited! i have a question.. how do i make a blogspot blog? oh and can u buddy me? only if u have time though.. this is my AJ username: bunnyhopper657. oh and P.S. to feelers: ich liebe speck :)

  2. i collect fox hats :D


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